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Circuit training of 3-4 Athletes at the same time.

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Isokinetic Leapers Jump Higher!
Train fast to be fast

• 30 reps in 30 seconds (each at max resistance)
• Safer – Each athlete makes their own resistance automatically thru full range of motion
• Develops white quick twitch muscle fibers which allows athlete to jump higher, quicker, and with more speedy reflexes

There Are Many Training Exercises you can do with the Leaper..Here are just a few.

Pull Downs After Rebounds & Squats

Overhead Pass & Leg Power

Bounce Pass & Upright Row

Dribbling &Military Press

Bench Press



Click on links below to see full leaper wall training charts.

Chart 1-2 , 3-4 , 5-6, 7-8, 9-10
(Charts are PDF format)

White quick twitch muscles are developed with fast speed resistance exercise.


In addition to the Leaper, an optional extension post can be installed on the front of the Leaper. The extension post holds either a Mini-Gym or Super II (both are isokinetic exerciser). This allows for more training exercises as shown above. Exercisers also can be taken off extension post and placed on the wall or floor for additional exercises as shown to the right.


All Super II and Leapers Feature LCD Output:
White quick twitch muscles are developed with fast speed resistance exercise.


• LCD Motivation – measures gains
• Exercise in less time, no weights to set or release
• Fatigue safely
• See LCD workout
• Work measured in foot pounds


You can open your own specialized Power Training Center in your community and improve your team’s game, while bringing in income to the owners..

An Athletic Power Training Center in your area can train and improve basketball/volleyball/football athletes with exceptional income to owners/operators. The investment in our equipment is only 10-15% of what similar equipment is and other equipment can not provide the specific exercise that we do.

There is unlimited potential for owner / operators of an Athletic Training Center, as they can recover their initial investment in just a few months of operation. Leasing programs are available.

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