Achiever Products
Acheiver Model #48 Click Here for Video

5 yr warranty
Isokinetic Achiever model #48 includes exerciser w/software for displaying the patients ROM. We also include a 7ft counter balanced wall bracket that houses the exerciser. With the counter balance feature, Drs and Therapists can move exerciser to a numbered position with finger-tip effort and lock exerciser at that position for precise diagnostic graphing and exercise. Wind-vane pulleys permit up, down, or any direction pulls for evaluation. Software includes storage of patients exercise sessions showing patient improvements for insurance claims. Equipment also includes handles and Velcro ft straps…

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Achiever Model #48S NEW! Click Here for Video

Same unit as above with frame but we added base frame and 2 side supports. To make the Achiever program self standing. It is necessary to add approx 125 lbs of sand bagging or dumbbells to base to stabilize the self-standing frame

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Download assembly instructions for the #48S Freestanding Achiever >HERE<

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Performer Model #49A

Our #49a uses our Super Mini Gym model 190 w/Icd readings, with framework on front of exerciser housing 3 pulleys that always tracks exercisers rope accurately back to spool w/every repetition. All our isokinetic exerciser will recoil the rope back to the spool as fast as one can exercise. Our counter balanced framework (same as used w/model 48) permits easy moving exerciser to any given position for isokinetic exercise. Our LCDs measure each rep, total work for any number of reps, counts reps, time, and average work for all reps. No graphing w/this exerciser.

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Model 500T...Analyzer
Designed with same counter balanced wall bracket that permits moving the exerciser to desired height. Pulls can be made up or down and in direction. Our strain gage accurate measuring with computer graphing of 2 lbs pull to hundreds of pound, (same as Achiever)… Designed with a new governor that permits faster, yet slower speeds of muscle measuring @ 30% less costs than Achiever unit.
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Leaper Products

Click on links below to see full leaper wall training charts.

Chart 1-2 , 3-4 , 5-6, 7-8, 9-10
(Charts are PDF format)

Pro Leaper 16P1 Click Here for Video
Read all the Testimonials...Click Here

Train Fast to be Fast!

Our Leaper, designed back in 75, was the 1st athletic training exerciser that stressed, TRAIN FAST TO BE FAST and do it safely. Athletes could exert 200 lbs effort at the beginning of the squat exercise and yet could exert 800 lbs effort in the last couple inches of that exercise, and not only get max resistance at every point thru the full range of motion. Then in addition, our accomodating resistance permits the athlete to do 25 or more reps, each at their max effort and our governor constantly adjusting as they fatigue, and in 25 seconds or less…All this not possible with usual weight training and can only be done with Isokinetic resistance. When we introduced this, we became very sucessful as every school had to purchase a leaper to win their games…if they did not, they were getting beat! Then, In a few years, research proved the development of white quick twich muscle fibers from fast speed resistance training our Leaper provided. Athletes jumped higher, quicker, faster, quicker reflexes and the basketball game changed forever.

Our Leaper with isokinetic resistance overcomes the limitation of weight training as one wants to" train fast to be fast". Typical jr high or high school athlete leg strength, click here, and see why leaper resistance is a safer, quicker workouts, and yet more strength developed as one"trains fast to be fast".

**shipping weight 320 lbs in crate 73 inches long x 64 inches hi x 33 inches wide

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Home Leaper 16H Click Here for Video
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Our Home Leaper is only 50 inches long and 52 inches high, and weighs 200 lbs.

Not only squat training for verticle jumping, but optional bench for bench pressing. Optional frame can be attached to front of Leaper for many other power training exercises, i.e, passing overhead, bounce passing, take away drills, pull down after rebounding and many others. These training exercises all are needed for upper body speed training.

The advantage of both our leapers is the intensity of the exercise is the key to developing and recruiting "white quick-twich muscle fibers" that are used in explosive movements like verticle jumping. Muscle groups have a memory which is why it is essential to train fast and intensively . By setting the speed lever , athletes can train as fast or slow as desired. Smart athletes train fast, by exploding with maximun effort, an athlete reaches maximum intensity. Maximun intensively, or muscle tension is the key. Athlete's body learns to adapt to demands placed on it. A movement such as a maximum verticle jump requires maximum recruitment of muscle fibers in a split second. Individual muscle fibers react on " all or nothing" basis. Fibers do not contract half way. When an athlete executes an easy lift, the necessary muscle groups "recruits" or activates only the number of muscle fibers required for that movement. Train Fast and you'll be fast, train slow and you'll probably will be slow. If you train fast with maximum intensity , you'll develop explosiveness that is needed in every sport, jumping higher, move quicker with more speed on the court or field.

**shipping weight 220 lbs in crate 65 inches long x 63 inches hi x 33 inches wide

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Little Leaper Package w/ Economy Super II
Model500A (No LCD Readouts)
Click here to see video

Designed for speed training w/ pulley for better retraction of rope….see our video for the dozens of exercises on floor and wall

Our Little leaper package includes our variable speed Super 2, 500a isokinetic exerciser that provides both floor and wall exercises. Equipment includes 10 inch handle (2 hands), stirrup handle (one hand), wall bracket and we added 3 additional items to make the little leaper pkg, 18 inch bar, Velcro foot strap, and Leaper Pads

$895.00 S&H ($65.00) S&H mainland USA

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Mini-Gym Products
Mini-Gym #101 (No LCD)
Click Here to see exercise instruction manual

Mini-Gym #101 is identical to Model #190 except it has no LCD readouts with 6 variable speed settings. Model #101 includes one stirrup handle (one hand), one 12” handle (two hands), one wall bracket, and instruction manual. One year warranty.

$349.00 + $25.00 S&H USA

Shipping weight 19 lbs.

Super Mini-Gym #190 (with LCD)
Click Here to see exercise instruction manual

Super Mini-Gym #190 w/ LCD readouts powered with AA batteries, for both floor and wall exercises with 6 variable speed settings. Model #190 includes one stirrup handle (one hand), one 12” handle (two hands), one wall bracket, and instructional manual. One year warranty.

$595.00 + $25.00 S&H USA

Shipping weight 19 lbs.



NEW Super II Economy Model Super 2a (No LCDs)
Click Here to see exercise instruction manual

Same model used with our Little Leaper Pkg….Click here to see Little Leaper video film

Our New Super 2, ideal for both floor and wall exercises. Designed with a variable speed governor as all our exercisers. This new Super 2 provides faster speeds necessary for speed training that is so necessary for development of white quick twich muscle fibers. We know muscles do have memory and thus we train fast to be fast, which is just not possible or safe with usual weight training. This pulley design assures the athlete pulling or throwing in any direction, and the rope always wraps on spool correctly and as fast as athlete works.

Equipment includes 10 inch handle (both hands), stirrup handle (one hand), instruction book, and one wall bracket

$695.00 + $40.00 S&H Mainland USA

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NEW 17DL Isokinetic Deadlift

With Opional Weights

LCD Readout

17 DL Isokinetic Deadlift
Click Here for more about the 17 DL

Athletes must train fast to be fast. Power & Speed’s Leaper / Deadlift Isokinetic Power Exercisers develop athletes’ white quick-twitch muscle fibers. This translates into jumping higher, running faster, and increasing overall quickness. The key to our fast but safe power training equipment is our unique isokinetic positive (concentric) resistance mechanism. With the Leaper we have virtually eliminated the negative (eccentric) resistance allowing an athlete to do 30 positive accommodating isokinetic resistance power squat reps in 30 seconds. This would be dangerous and impossible with traditional weight training. To complement the Leaper we now have a new Power Deadlift Exerciser that provides the same isokinetic positive concentric resistance as the Leaper allowing athletes to do 30 reps in 30 seconds safely. Our Power Deadlift Exerciser also has the option of adding additional weights for the eccentric work in addition to the accommodating concentric work.

For some athletes, optional weights can be added for eccentric work if desired. The FAST speed workout can also be done with 90 lbs or more weight added.

Suggestions for motivational workout with LCD readings
1. Push the “ON” button
2. Push the Power button and it will constantly show the
effort you exerted on each rep. You can see your
improvement with each rep.
(Power is Force x Distance/Time)
3. After you have done your 10, 20, 30, or any number of
reps, push work button for total work (force x distance).
This recording is in increments of foot pounds.
4. Push rep button and see actual rep count.
5. Push time button for actual exercise time.
6. Push Average work button. Total work divided by the number of reps.
For example, 8000 work units divided by 20 reps is average of 400 units per rep.

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Swim Bench Products

Swim Bench model 85 w/ Rotator Chest Pad # 31 and 2 model- 101 Mini Gyms

All swim strokes can be perfectly simulated on our new wall swim bench. Train fast for development of white quick twich muscle fibers for explosivness, then move governor to slow speed for strength improvement. Our governor resistance is automatic to every swimmer and adjust to the swimmers as they fatigue.With our isokinetic governor, It’s automatic resistance to every user…only change the speeds you want to work with. Contact us for freight/shipping costs.

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Rotator Chest Pad model 31

Optional rotating chest pad for both freestyle and backstroke training. Rotates 45 degrees right and left.

$275 + $30.00 USA Mainland shipping & Handling

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